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It was with great disappointment and regret that we heard the most recent developments in efforts to accommodate the extended Connors family who have been left homeless as a result of the fire in Carrickmines.  We understand the family’s relief to have a space of their own again to grieve privately given that they have been living in emergency accommodation.

The fact remains however that the local authority had identified a more suitable site but after a week of talks gave in to local pressure not to proceed with it and the family are now to be accommodated in a car park on a decommissioned dumb.  It is unacceptable that at a time of the most tragic of fires in Carrickmines in which 10 people died 5 of them children the needs of the bereaved and homeless family was not prioritised.

Rest In Peace: Willie Lynch (25), his partner Tara Gilbert (27) and their children Jodie (9) and Kelsey (4), Jimmy Lynch (39), Sylvia Connors (25), her husband Thomas Connors (27) and their three children, Jim (5), Christy (2) and Mary (5 months).