The National Traveller Women’s Forum (NTWF) approach is multi-faceted.


Our ethnic status as members of the Traveller Community is the foundation on which all our work is built. We are proud of our identity as Travellers and women. Our work is informed by the reality of Traveller women’s experience, and the recognition that the inequalities we experience are derived from complex structures and systems, both internal and external to the Traveller community, which limit and influence personal choice and freedom.


We are committed to deepening our understanding of the needs, interests, experiences and priorities of Traveller women and informing our policy and practice with a robust analysis of those needs and priorities. To this end we are committed to the creation of safe inclusive spaces for Traveller women to dialogue and debate as a means of refining and defining our policy positions.


We recognise the diversity of women’s experience within the Traveller Community which varies according to age, socio-economic status, educational levels, economic activity and individual choices. We value the diversity of those experiences equally and welcome open debate, as a means to reach a deeper understanding of these differing perspectives.

Human rights

We work from a rights-based approach and see equality and freedom from discrimination and oppression as part of our core human rights both as women and as members of an ethnic minority.


We recognise the importance of building strategic alliances with other organisations and with women in the settled community as part of our commitment to drive social and societal change. We recognise the fact that gender inequality is an issue that must be addressed in all sectors and at all levels of Irish society. In this, we strive to influence key decision makers, legislators, policy makers and the community to understand, respect and uphold the core human rights of Traveller women.


We are committed to providing opportunities for Traveller women to develop their skills and knowledge to support their self-determination, participation and leadership, both in their own and the wider community.


We support an anti-racist, anti-sexist approach, and we reject exclusion on other grounds including disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or age. As a Traveller women’s organisation we recognise the particular experience of oppression of Traveller women and the need for specific responses to this.